Fundraiser for an ambulance

Volunteers in Ukraine need an ambulance for evacuating wounded people from the frontline areas to hospitals.

For buying a good, second hand ambulance and medical supplies, the goal of this fundraiser is € 30.000. You can donate by clicking on Gofundme, Paypal or Donate.

Foundation Life Guardians provides humanitarian aid to people in Ukraine. In cooperation with our contacts in Ukraine, the aid goes directly to where it is needed. Support us, support Ukraine en donate, so they soon can live in peace, in democracy and in independence.


Support us,
so we can support them!


Stichting Life Guardians helpt de mensen in Oekraïne door het sturen van humanitaire hulp. In samenwerking met onze contacten in Oekraïne komen de hulpgoederen snel daar waar ze nodig zijn. Steun ons, steun Oekraïne en doneer, zodat zij straks weer in vrede, in democratie en in onafhankelijkheid kunnen leven.

Help ons helpen!

23rd of December 2022

5th of January 2023

24th of May 2022