Humanitarian trip March 2024


After helping Evgeniya to fundraise for a car, we drove with not one but two cars, and a van full with aid to Ukraine. In the night of Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd of March, we started driving from Groningen to Rivne.

Evgeniya asked to help her fundraise. That is how this mission started

HJ, Ronald and Klaas. A selfie just before heading towards Ukraine

A short break after hours of driving

Coffee break in Poland

The drive to Ukraine went well and quite uneventful. We had good weather. After a bit of a slow start, we were making good time going through Germany and Poland.

After spending the night in Rzezhow, we drove on to the Ukrainian border. After having crossed the border, we drove via L'viv to Rivne, to our first destination.

Sunday evening we arrived at our first destination and the next day we handed over the two cars to the Ukrainian volunteers. 

Tuesday, we drove to Kyïv to delivered the two tonnes of humanitarian aid. On Wednesday we could spend time walking and sightseeing through Kyïv. The next day, it was already time to drive back to the west of Ukraine and after a night's rest, drive back to The Netherlands.

On Saturday the 9th of March, we were back home. A short, but successful week!