Humanitarian trip April 2023


On the 31st of March in the evening I drove again, for the fourth time, to Ukraine. In the evening of the 1st of April I arrived in the city of L'viv.

Ready to go

Arrived at the hotel near L'viv

Also volunteers from other Dutch organisations helped me to fill up the van, so I could go with the maximum load, leaving no space unused. This time even the roof of the van was filled up with boxes.

My journey took me to L'viv, Khmelnitsky, Kam'yanets-Podilsky, Vinnytsja, Kyiv, Bila Tserkva, Kharkiv and Chernivtsy. Not only to deliver the humanitarian aid, but also to meet and connect with people; volunteers who do all they can to help Ukraine and her people during these difficult times.

Two weeks flew by and on the 15th of April I was on my way home. All the aid had been delivered and I had met with wonderful people. Together stronger, together to victory! Slava Ukraïni!