Ukraine deals with the ruzzian war and all the challenges due to it. Domestically and on the world stage. Foundation Life Guardians provides humanitarian aid to Ukraine, but we also want to develop projects in order to support Ukraine and her people. Projects that will also continue after Ukraine have won the war.


ruzzia counts on Ukraine’s allies getting tired of the war and stop their support, because other interests will become more important. If that were to happen, it would be the end of Ukraine’s future, and ruzzia will start to prepare the next war. This situation is challenging for the entire free democratic world. 


Supporting Ukraine and her people, including those who fled the country, is not just a humanitarian effort. Supporting Ukraine is also defending our values and everything that the free world stands for, which is also under serious threat. Public and government officials’ opinions are influenced by ruzzian disinformation. ruzzia distorts people’s opinions through its disinformation campaigns, waging an information-war to undermine the free world. 


Ukrainians and ruzzians are not the same people, and are not 'brothers'

One example is falsifying/distorting history: see for instance:

Another example of ruzzia aiming to create division in Western Europe, is the election win of Smer in Slovakia:

And yet another example of creating discord in Europe is moscow’s manipulation of Hungary: 

ruzzia’s disinformation campaign is a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy to break western support for Ukraine in order to annex Ukraine, and to be able to continue its conquest in Europe. Standing with Ukraine is standing for humanity and for freedom, and against tiranny and oppression. 

Debunking falsified history about Rurik of Novgorod and the foundation of Kyivska Rus', part 1.

That is why it is important to support Ukraine and her people; from the human perspective, but also from the perspective of the security of Europe, and of the world. 

Debunking falsified history about Rurik of Novgorod and the foundation of Kyivska Rus', part 2.

In certain European countries, support for Ukrainian refugees is decreasing. The question here is, why is this happening? Is it becoming too expensive? Is it because of the influence of ruzzian disinformation? Or is it simply because people’s patience is wearing thin?

Whichever question it is, it comes down to “can we support and provide shelter for Ukrainian refugees more efficiently?”


Foundation Life Guardians aims to help Ukrainians through humanitarian projects and gladly works together with other parties to achieve results.