Our goal

Foundation Life Guardians supports the Ukrainian people during the war, but we will also support them in rebuilding Ukraine after the war in any kind of beneficial way possible.

Support consists of gathering humanitarian goods and raising funds with which we can purchase humanitarian supplies and also can finance transports to Ukraine. 


Funds are raised by:

  • selling merchandise, like for instance T-shirts, posters, postcards, art, et cetera via social media;
  • selling products and merchandise on markets and at events;
  • collecting donations.


The money that is raised, is used for buying humanitarian goods and to pay for transports to Ukraine. 


The foundations assets are controlled by the board. The board decides which humanitarian goods are purchased and where they will be delivered in Ukraine. 


The board members (and volunteers) do not receive wages or any form of time-compensation from the foundation. On exceptional occasions, board members and volunteers can receive compensation for travel expenses, but only when all board members are in agreement. 

Meet our team

In The Netherlands

Klaas Pot
Head of foundation

Oleksandr Kalitnyk
Board member / Secretary

Olexandr Vechirskyi

In the United Kingdom

Hannah Flaherty

In Ukraine

Volodymyr Dzhuryk

Michael Dzhuryk



Stichting Life Guardians

Amkemaheerd 197

9736 KX Groningen

The Netherlands