Charity auction


Money raised by these auctions is used to send help to the people in Ukraine, who are in need of aid. The orcs (formerly known as 'russians') have committed an uncountable number of war crimes and atrocities against the Ukrainian people. With your bids, you do not only buy an item, but you also help Ukraine during these difficult times.

Mariupol Battalion 503 patch

For some time the battalion was called the 701. Later, the 500 and in autumn of 2017, the final designation of 503. And this is not a coincidence: back in 2015, the 'badgers' fought in such a way, that the enemy believed for a long time that it faced not one, but three battalions. For a long time their task was to defend Mariupol.

Their slogan is "If (there is) an offensive, then we (will go)"


Bidding starts at €10,-. The auction ends on Sunday evening 20.00 hours CET.

Please fill out your name, e-mail address and make your bid (confirm with "Verstuur reactie"-button). Your e-mail address will not be visible to others.

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