Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Yevgeniya Kistyshena. I am from Kyïv. Because of the war I fled with my daughter and my mother to The Netherlands.

Now we live in Nijkerk and I have a job at Green Oil Recycling.

It is a very difficult time for the Ukrainian people. Civilians die in missile and drone attacks; sons, brothers and fathers put their lives on the line to protect their families, their country, their people; millions of Ukrainians are displaced and many have lost one or more relatives.

I cannot stand idly by at the side lines and I try to help as much as I can.


My good friend and colleague, Bohdan Kushnir, a well-known lawyer in Ukraine (and abroad) and volunteer helping his countrymen, had a severe car crash.

During a humanitarian mission close to the front lines, the vehicle crashed.

He and his co-driver were badly wounded, but -thank God- they are alive. The car is beyond repair.

People are trying to collect money for a replacement car, two actually, because another vehicle was hit by a rocket.

By supporting Ukraine, we help to protect peace in the rest of Europe. For today, but certainly for the future. Today I officially launch the charity "Strength of the United Peoples" in order to raise money for these two cars.

We want to buy two second-hand cars in The Netherlands for about € 2,500 each; not new ones, not expensive ones, but in good working order. We have already found two cars and they are reserved for us for the time being, while this charity is running.

With the last charity that I did, I was fortunate to be able to cooperate with the Dutch charity "EBF Stichting Elburg". We had raised money for good shoes. To EBF and to everyone who has helped, I am very grateful. Your warm hearts warm mine.

This time I was not less fortunate to work together with the Dutch charity "Stichting Life Guardians" with its founder, Klaas Pot, who has a very warm Cossack heart. It is the first time that meet someone who spends most of his time helping Ukraine and I felt personally how his heart beats in Ukrainian. I thank God that our paths have crossed. He has brought victory for Ukraine a bit closer. My deepest respect this Dutch Cossack.

You can donate by clicking the donation button or by scanning the QR-codes for Gofundme and PayPal. Please use the reference: Force of United Peoples" or "Kracht van Verenigde Volkeren".

You can also find information on my personal Facebook page:

We are very grateful for your support and help. For us it makes the difference between life and death.

Thank you so much!